2021 Residency Conference Recap: Norwich Together, Norwich Forever

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Norwich University’s College of Graduate and Continuing Studies (CGCS) held its annual Residency Conference from Monday, June 21, to Friday, June 15, 2021. For the second year in a row, this conference was held virtually.

class of 2019 at commencement

Gathering under this year’s theme, “Norwich Together, Norwich Forever,” 362 graduate students representing 13 online master’s degree programs concluded their Norwich program experience with a variety of academic sessions, lectures and presentations, and capstone projects, specifically tailored to their interests and to help them grow in their fields. Students also spent the week networking with faculty and cohort members, as well as they had the opportunity to participate in the 2021 Norwich University CGCS virtual Commencement Ceremony. Additionally, 209 online bachelor’s degree students are expected to receive their degree in 2021, although it is not mandatory for those students to participate in the Residency Conference.


Dog River Run 5k Participants Receive Prizes

A Norwich tradition that runs deep: the 2021 Dog River Run 5k, which is traditionally a Corps of Cadets rooks experience as they finish their first full week of military training before the start of fall classes, allowed Norwich University College of Graduate and Continuing Studies students, faculty, and staff to participate virtually for a chance to win prizes. With a total of 14 participants, the two grand prize winners are Raza Qaisar and Marcy Dean. Each graduate won a copy of Citizens and Soldiers: The First 200 Years of Norwich University.

dean clements and students, dog river run 2018


Program Capstones Put Skills Learned into Practice

A staple of the Residency experience, program capstone projects culminate student’s academics. Students can apply knowledge learned in the classroom into a hands-on, real-world experience.


Poster Presentations

Students in the online Master of Arts in International Relations and Master of Arts in Diplomacy programs also concluded their academics with case study poster presentations focused on international security. Nursing students showcased their case study poster presentations with topics such as the impact of COVID-19 on nurse leadership, stress, burnout, and patient safety.

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Student Research

History, military history, and cybersecurity graduate students participated in research focused on their area of interests. History and military history students pinpointed and analyzed specific events in world and U.S. history. Cybersecurity topics include the analyzation of human error in information security compliance, and banking and finance critical infrastructure.

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Also, students in business administration and leadership disciplines applied concepts learned throughout their studies in a collaborative research project that analyzed local Vermont businesses in project and resource management, marketing, leadership, operations, and finance.


‘Built’ to last: Podcast Host and Author Guy Raz Delivered 2021 Residency Keynote Address

Guy Raz headshotIn his 90-minute discussion with CGCS Dean William Clements, Raz discussed how he stumbled upon entrepreneurial success through his failure to become an anchor for NPR’s news programs, “All Things Considered” or “Morning Edition.” Through his mistakes, a sense of mission and persistence drove him to fulfill his goal of starting a business. During the keynote address, Raz reflected on his experience and provided guidance to those in a similar situation of hardships in their careers.

“To me, there’s always a reason why failure happens, always,” Raz said in his keynote address. “The hardest thing is when you’re going through it; it’s much easier to reflect on it later. But, I promise you, every time I’ve had a failure in my life, it’s for a reason and it’s always been a good reason.”

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Commencement Caps Off Norwich Experience for Nearly 400 Graduates

Joining the 201-year Norwich legacy, the Class of 2021 graduates include active duty and Veteran military personnel, healthcare professionals, law enforcement officers, special agents, entrepreneurs, and educators.

2021 Residency by the numbers:

  • 362 graduate students representing all 50 states and Washington, D.C., and four international countries: Canada, Czech Republic, Peru, and Saudi Arabia.
  • 43% of the graduating class has served or is currently serving in the military.
  • 15% of students have more than one degree from Norwich University; 12 are legacy students with family members who are Norwich alumni.


Retired Army Col. Christopher Costa ‘84. Delivers 2021 Commencement Address

costaRetired Army Col. Christopher Costa ’84 delivered the 2021 virtual CGCS commencement address. Costa served as the National Security Council (NSC) Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director for Counterterrorism in 2017-2018. He has 34 years of progressive national security experience and success in strategy, policy, special operations, counterintelligence, and human intelligence.

“The three words that guide our lives at Norwich University, ‘I will try,’ . . . reflect a sense that we are not in control of all things at all times, but with gritty, quiet determination, we get the job done,” Costa said during the 2021 virtual CGCS commencement address, reflecting on the impact of COVID-19 on the graduating class.

Costa has extensive experience with the U.S. Special Operations Command and the Department of the Navy as a civilian at the Naval Special Warfare Development Group which informed his role as a senior adjunct instructor with Norwich University's Bachelor of Science in Strategic Studies and Defense Analysis program.

“These are remarkable times we are in together, but you graduated through all of this,” Costa remarked.

Congratulations to Norwich University’s College of Graduate and Continuing Studies Class of 2021.

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