Making Your Education More Affordable: Take a closer look the range of scholarships Norwich University Online offers

by NU Online on 8/2/19 12:12 PM

Today's bachelor's and master's degree programs are more affordable than you think. Financial aid packages and a wide range of scholarship opportunities are available that can help lower the cost of tuition.

Find and Apply for All the Scholarships for Which You Qualify – It’s Free Money
Norwich University Online admissions advisors can help you navigate your various financing options, including answering questions such as:

  • What kind of scholarship do I qualify for?
  • How do I find these scholarships?
  • When do I need to apply for these scholarships?
  • How do I get my scholarship money?
  • Does my scholarship affect my other student aid?


Understand the Different Type of Scholarships

Scholarships are money gifts bestowed to students that don’t require repayment. Some scholarships are merit-based, such as those that you earn by meeting or exceeding certain standards from your education or professional background. Other scholarships are exclusively for a particular group of people, such as the military personnel or veterans. Monetary awards differ among scholarships, with some providing higher dollar amounts and paying a higher percentage of the full tuition costs.

Norwich University Online’s unique range of scholarships include:

  • Merit scholarships
  • Endowed scholarships
  • Academic Achievement Scholarships

We even help students find external (third-party) scholarships that can come from many different sources and organizations. Working with an admission counselor and the financial aid office, you can explore all of them and find out which ones are right for you.


Critical Aspects of Scholarships

When considering and applying for scholarships that can help offset the cost of tuition, students should look at these critical aspects:

  • Making time to research and complete all the applications materials. Many scholarships are time-sensitive with strict deadlines.
  • Understanding the requirements, as each scholarship process can differ and require different materials.
  • Knowing and understanding all the options within the different type of scholarships.
  • Reaching out to an admission counselor, who can help you walk through and understand the scholarship processes.
  • Researching and understanding how the money is awarded and paid out during your program of study. Some external scholarships provide a check made out to the university. Be sure to ask the questions up front and understand how it works.

It can be worthwhile to apply for multiple scholarships, as any and all money received can help reduce the cost of your education.


Scholarships and the Relationship to Student Aid

In addition to scholarships, you can also receive federal financial aid. As you work through the financing process for your degree, inform your university of any awarded scholarships so that you know exactly what will be deducted from your program costs and what your total tuition will be.

Norwich University Online is committed to making your college tuition as affordable as possible while providing a quality educational experience that deepens your knowledge and advances your career. To learn more about our programs and available financing options, please visit:

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