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Since its founding in 1819, Norwich University has been considered a leader in providing rigorous programs so that students can become leaders in their fields. To develop this reputation, Norwich is launching the online Bachelor of Science in Business Administration program, which is part of Norwich’s new online programs and concentrations launching in 2020, and the online Master of Business Administration program.

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New in 2020: Norwich online Bachelor of Science in Business Administration program

There is always a need for effective leaders in any organization, and, according to the Bureau Labor of Statistics, as one of the states with the highest concentration of jobs and location quotients in business occupations, open mid- to high-level management positions will continue to grow. Set to launch in 2020, the Norwich online Bachelor of Science in Business Administration program can provide students with the necessary leadership, communication, and technological skills needed to make positive change as a manager.

The business administration program is taught by subject matter experts and allows students to transfer up to 90-semester credits of previous college coursework and military training into the program. Students can complete the degree in two years or less and have for concentrations to choose from:

  • Cyber Security Management
  • Financial Services Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Leadership Studies
  • Procurement and Contract Management
  • Supply Chain Management


Cyber Security Management Concentration

The cyber security management concentration is designed to help you to work collaboratively with cyber security professionals in an organization in order to achieve both effectiveness and efficiency in related projects and decision-making. Cyber security management concentration graduates may move into cybersecurity analyst and information security analyst positions.


Financial Services Management Concentration

The financial services management concentration can position you to sit for the Certified Financial Analyst certification. Graduates of this concentration often work as financial planners, stockbrokers, insurance agents, and loan or trust officers.

Human Resource Management Concentration

The human resource management concentration provides you with a comprehensive examination of the core functions of human resource management, including recruitment, employee relations, strategic planning, inclusion and diversity, transformational leadership, and risk management. Graduates of the human resource management concentration excel in positions such as recruitment specialists and training and development specialists.


Leadership Studies Concentration

The leadership studies concentration takes you on an in-depth study of the conceptual and theoretical facets of leadership. Through a series of seminars, you will learn how to evaluate emotional intelligence, encourage critical thinking, promote self-reflection, and manage the behavioral aspects of collaboration. Graduates of the leadership studies concentration use their degree to be effective mid- to high-level managers.


Procurement and Contract Management Concentration

The procurement and contract management concentration focuses on the methods and processes of procurement and contract management at all levels of government management - federal, state, and local. Through a series of seminars, you can learn how to analyze and craft plans to conduct and engage in public procurement and contracting. Purchasing manager is a common position for graduates of the procurement and contract management concentration.


Our Collaboration with NIGP (National Institute for Government Procurement)

The College of Graduate and Continuing Studies at Norwich University is proud to partner with NIGP to support the educational goals of the public procurement professionals.


Supply Chain Management Concentration

The supply chain management concentration can provide you with the skills needed to effectively manage supply and demand within and across companies. Graduates may move into positions such as general and operations manager, purchasing manager, storage and distribution manager, and supply chain manager. 


Norwich online Master of Business Administration program

The online Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree program is taught by project management, finance, organizational leadership, and business subject matter experts who teach through hands-on learning so that students can gain the necessary leadership skills to run multinational corporations or even start their own businesses.

On average, students can complete Norwich’s online MBA in 18 months are less, and students have an array of concentrations to choose from, which include:

  • Construction Management
  • Energy Management
  • Finance
  • General MBA
  • Organizational Leadership
  • Project Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Technology Management


Construction Management Concentration

Focus on core concepts for career success, such as project finance and accounting, project scheduling, strategic resource management, and effective communication. Contract managers and construction project managers are popular positions for construction management concentration graduates.


Energy Management Concentration

Our curriculum is designed to help you develop strategic solutions that enable corporations or institutions to become more energy efficient by reducing their energy demands and usage. Pricing analyst, energy trader, business development manager, and director of operations are a few of the positions energy management concentration graduates move into.


Finance Concentration 

Learn today’s most relevant theories, best practices, and skills focused on foreign exchange markets, managing multinational corporations, the global financial environment, portfolio management, and other areas of concern. Finance concentration graduates can use their degree to move into roles such as financial analyst, financial manager, accounting manager, and chief financial officer (CFO).


General MBA Concentration

Our general MBA enables you to develop your business foundation through in-depth business management courses, giving you a comprehensive education ideal for your goals. After completing the core courses, students choose two elective courses prior to the final seminar in international business. Graduates of the general MBA can utilize their degree within high-level management positions or run their own company.


Organizational Leadership Concentration

Develop the analytical and problem-solving skills and knowledge of the theories and best practices needed for leading an organization today. Organizational leadership concentration graduates can move into high-level positions in human resources and management consultant. 


Project Management Concentration

Study core business management theories and develop specific project management skills with our PMI GAC accredited project management concentration. Graduates of this concentration often move into positions such as project analyst and project manager, as well as into executive level management positions.

The project management concentration is accredited by the PMI Global Accreditation Center for Project Management Education Programs (GAC).


Supply Chain Management Concentration

With this concentration, you can cultivate the advanced skills needed to affordably and effectively manage supply and demand within and across companies. Commonly, graduates of the supply chain management concentration move into positions such as industry analyst, procurement analysis, global logistics manager, and supply chain consultant.


Technology Management Concentration

This concentration is designed to provide the student with the knowledge and skills required to be an effective business leader within all areas of business with specialized expertise in technology management. Information systems manager, systems analyst, and chief technology officer are popular positions for graduates of the technology management concentration.


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Norwich is constantly striving to create new and rigorous programs so that students can gain the necessary skills to stay competitive in their fields. For more information on Norwich’s online business administration programs, please contact our admission team at and 1 (866) 684-7237.

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