Experience Norwich Pro: An Interview with Norwich Pro Student, Adrienne

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July 8, 2020

Experience Norwich Pro: An Interview with Norwich Pro Student, Adrienne  
Are you considering a course with Norwich Pro, but you’re not sure what to expect? Learn how Norwich Pro online programfit into your busy schedule so you can reach your career goals. 

We talked to data analyst, retired Marine, and Norwich University alum Adrienne Evertson to learn about her experience attending the Norwich Pro data analysis and visualization coursesRead more to discover her story and get her response to frequently asked questions about the Norwich Pro program. 

Q: Why did you choose the data analysis program? 

Adrienne: As a Norwich University grad, I was already aware of Norwich Pro. I'd been looking for some type of certification or additional training in data analysis to put on my resume and to learn new skillsWhen I came across the Norwich Pro data analysis courses, I knew this program was what I had been looking for. The topics and the courses covered exactly what I had wanted to continue to learn. It was the perfect opportunity, at exactly the right time, to expand my knowledge.  

Q: What was your experience like taking the Norwich Pro classes?  

A: First of all, the classes were very flexible. When it came to professional development, that's one thing I was looking for: the flexibility to be able to do it when I had time. Not only was it flexible, it didn't take a ton of my time—I could do it anytime and from anywhere 

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In addition, the process was so simpleThe moment you log in, everything you need was right there for you—it was incredibly easy to access content and work online from your computer or even on your phone. If you're sitting somewhere and you wanted to participate in the discussion group, you can do it right from your phone!  

Throughout the program, there were a variety of different learning elements that I enjoyed, including discussion groups, recordings, and exercises to allow practical application. I thought that the mix of content types worked well for different learning styles, and I was pleasantly surprised by how the program held my interest. 

Q: How was your remote learning experience? 

A: Most of my schooling before Norwich Pro has been in classrooms. What I really liked about the Norwich Pro courses was that, even though the courses were all online, they built in time where could talk face to face with my instructor via video callThis time allowed me to make personal connection with my instructorWe talked back and forth, and I was able to get answers to the specific questions I wanted to ask. I really enjoyed that part, because interactive learning is often much better for me  

Q: What was the best part of the Norwich Pro program? 

A: The best part of the program was the flexibility. The time that it took wasn't overwhelming, and, for the most part, you could work at any time. Even the live presentations with the instructor were recorded so you could listen later if you weren't able to attend live 

Q: How has this course helped prepare you for future work? 

A: I actually just got a new job! I've been working in data analysis for several years, and I just started a new position, managing the Marine Corps’ manpower data. I had some training in data analysis , but before attending Norwich Promost of what I knew had been self-taught from my own online research. The Norwich Pro program gave me new skills that I never could’ve gotten on my own, and I've incorporated what I learned into my daily workI'm hoping to keep using the skills I learned at Norwich Pro in my current job and in my continued careerdown the line.  

Q: What advice do you have for others considering an online education with Norwich Pro? 

A: My first piece of advice is to never stop learning, and programs like this aid that process. In the beginning, I thought, "Oh, I probably know everything I need to know about this topic.But I was wrong. You can never learn too much in today's world!  

In addition, don’t be afraid to reach out to your employer to ask for help paying for this program. Many companies have a budget to provide continuing education, program certification, and job training to employeesI was able to use those funds to pay for the entire certificate program. And as a Norwich University graduate I got a discount, which helped my organization. I’m really happy that I enrolled with Norwich Proand if you get the opportunity to do the same, you should take advantage of it! 

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