Opening Doors with a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice

by Allison Crowson, MJA on 8/10/15 10:23 AM

openingdoorscriminaljusticeCriminal justice careers are likely to fall into one of two categories: law enforcement or legal. These categories encompass occupations such as police officers, correctional officers, military police, private security members, attorneys, criminal investigators, special agents, and beyond. Whether you are looking to jumpstart your career, transition from the military to a civilian sector, or advance yourself professionally, it’s best to begin by opening doors with a bachelor’s in criminal justice.

In such a competitive field, an educational foundation is the key to your professional development, as it can help make you a qualified candidate for a position, a big-picture thinker in the workplace, and an overall distinguished individual. A bachelor’s degree is most often the starting point for a career in criminal justice.

Results of a Bachelor’s Degree:

  • Qualified Candidate – The sky is the limit –or at least that’s what your parents told you as you rattled off what you wanted to be when you grew up. However, this saying only rings true if you prepare yourself with the necessary tools, such as a bachelor’s degree. Although some police departments do not require you to have a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice to apply, they look for their employees to be role models and leaders, characteristics often gained while earning your bachelor’s degree. A bachelor’s is required for consideration in many organizations outside of police departments, including the FBI.

  • Big-Picture Thinker – Many employers look to hire big-picture thinkers who are well-rounded individuals. Earning your bachelor’s degree in criminal justice supports the idea that you are creative, culturally aware, and technically sound in constitutional law. With an educational background, you enhance your ability to partner with community members and understand how to utilize the vast resources that may be available to you in the workplace. Completing your bachelor’s degree in criminal justice can open your mind, and ultimately establish clear pathways to promotion in a field brimming with opportunities to serve.

  • Distinguished Individual – When looking to stand out amongst your peers in the criminal justice field, use your bachelor’s level education to distinguish yourself by serving with skill, creativity, and confidence at the local, state, national, and international level. At Norwich University, you can choose to specialization in Intelligence and Security Management or take electives to tailor your experience through our online criminal justice program.

Once you’ve completed your bachelor’s degree, chances are you will want to continue your education and pursue a master’s degree. At Norwich, we keep the door open for students who complete their bachelor’s in criminal justice. We offer a Master of Public Administration with a concentration in criminal justice that may partner well with your goals. Although, if you have a desire to explore international relations, we have a Master of Arts in Diplomacy with a concentration in conflict management.

Regardless of the path you choose to follow, don’t let anything hold you back. Earn your bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and work to become a qualified and distinguished candidate for the criminal justice field.

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This post was written by Allison Crowson, MJA

Allison Crowson is the program manager for the Norwich Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice and Master of Science in Criminal Justice programs. An adjunct faculty member and academic advisor in Norwich’s criminal justice department since 2006, she teaches courses on criminology, victimology, introduction to the criminal justice system and the police. She earned a master’s degree in justice administration from Norwich University and a BA in transpersonal psychology from Burlington College.